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Silver Tonneau cover (Raider LoRider) for Tacoma $200

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For sale is the tonneau cover that is currently on my truck. It was made by Raider Industries, LoRider model. It is silver in color and is currently located in Vancouver, WA. According to Raider it will fit Tacomas from '96-2004.

The condition is good. It rides very well, no wobbling or jittering when cruising along. It keeps all water out except a little around the keyhole.

The bad is that there is no key included and it does not lock. A new lock can be ordered from Raider for ~$25 if I recall correctly. Several corners have wear from being taken on and off the truck. It is purely cosmetic and in no way effects the integrity of the cover.

One hydraulic arm is currently worn out. If you are seriously interested in this cover I will gladly replace it before you buy it.

If you're interested or want picutres, send me a PM and we can talk.
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I'd be willing to meet someone halfway or so. Maybe I should say I'd be willing to drive 2 hours to meet you. Anybody interested?
You're actually still interested? The lack of replies from emails told me you weren't. If you're interested, halfway would be Hood River.
yeah sorry something came up and i forgot all about it

you busy tomarrow?
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