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Silly little question of mine...

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ok so here is the deal, I have a 02 2.7l taco 4wd. I want to know if it has the SR5 package on it. how can I tell? I've looked at other sites online and they say its the stuff like my chrome bumper, chrome part on fron valance, chrome grill shell, white guages.

do I have the package?

if anyone has a carfax account that can look at vins for free let me know.

much love to anyone that helps.:waytogo:
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Mine never had SR5 badging on it, but it says SR5 on the registration. Maybe you should check your registration, it has a lot of information on it. Never know.
Does it say SR5 on the tailgate?

when I got it, it was debadged...
Here's the list of items included in the 2002 SR5 Package (the regular / 'chrome' version of the package):

- chrome bumpers and grille surround
- defroster-linked CFC-free air conditioning (standard on PreRunner Xtracab V6)
- dual-fabric sun visors with mirror and visor extensions
- orange-illuminated white-faced gauges (speedometer, tachometer with LCD twin
tripmeters, and coolant temperature and fuel-level meters)
- digital clock
- tilt steering wheel
- washer-linked variable intermittent windshield wipers
- Deluxe AM/FM ETR/Cassette with 4 speakers (Regular Cab) and Deluxe 3-in-1 AM/FM ETR/Cassette/CD with 6 speakers (Xtracab and Double Cab)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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