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I have lowered my 97 Tacoma 3 inches in the front and 4 inches in the back. I was wondering how much better the ride quality will be after changing to a new shock like the Toxics or the Summit sport truck shocks? The truck ride horrible now..
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How exactly did you lower your truck, that is the first thing we need to know.
I run toxics, the ride quality is alot nicer, expect to sit just a tad higher when you put the new shocks on till they break in. Put right side up too.
When you lower the suspension, you should change the shocks that are made specifically for that. They have a shorter distance to travel compared to the stocks.
I have the explorer shocks from I think Autobahn Wholesale. They work fine for me. Shocks will improve your ride unless you just cut your stock coils for the 3" drop. Cut coils=rougher ride. I cut 2 coils on my lowered 2" springs and the ride is a little stiff, but I'm low.
if you did the djm drop, then you can use reg. kyb's or what ever up front but in the rear you will need lowered shocks like djm's toxic's or doestech.
im lowering my truck with springs and dearched leaf springs...would i need to replace my shocks? how much would it cost?
yeah you'll have to replace the shocks,no matter how you lower it.
what kinda shocks you guys suggest? how much is to replace all 4?
I have the KYB gas-adjust shocks in front and back, and they ride great. The shocks cost me about $35 a piece.
I'm still trying to figure out why people are using dearched leaf srpings to lower the rear. Is there a certain reason you are choosing that method?
I have NO shocks.... probably why I can make the truck hop with 3/8"lines and 150 psi in the tank...go figure
for some reason i dunno why i dont want to use blocks...and i got a set of dearched leaves from a dude that got them professionally done...whats wrong with using dearched leaves?...what ways are there to lower the rear? the front?
If you payed for them, hopefully it wasn't too much. To lower the rear, you can use blocks, remove the middle leaf, flip the helper leaf or any combo of these. There are also several options for the front. How low do you want to go? That will determine how you lower it.
i got the leaves for like 43 for now im thinking a 3/4 drop...the guy that i got it from said that the leaves will drop it 4 in the for the front i have 2" suspension techniques would i get that extra inch?
I have flipped my ball joints (3"), cut 2 coils off of 2" lowered springs, 1" spacer(kinda like a lowering block for the front). I think the spacer was from DJM. The shop I took it to ordered it, so I'm not sure. You could just cut a coil or you could go for a 5" drop by flipping the ball joints. Not sure what the best way to get that extra inch is. Cutting coils is not the best idea, but it does work.
did u flip the ball joints on your own or took it to a shop? what kinda shocks are you usin? where did u get them?
I had to take it to a shop because I could not break the nuts loose on anything. The truck was about 3 yrs old when I lowered it. I bought the shocks from Autobahn Wholesale in Minitruckin mag. I think they are Explorer shocks. Call them and they ask how you lowered it and how much you lowered it and send you the shocks. The ones they sent me are perfect.
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