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seat belts for a bench seat

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need both sides. any color, condition doesn't matter as long as they are not frayed or damaged. can be from any tacoma from 95.5-04
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I've got some from my truck but is there any difference between the buckets and the bench? If not you can have them for $40 shipped (both sides).
only difference is that the bucket belts are integrated into the seat. the bench belts are bolted to the floor IIRC...

as for the that firm? or are you willing to hook a sista up? :D
Well in that case, the rear seats belts bolted to the floor so I can sell you the front belts with the rear latches instead. Also I messed up, I'll take $40+shipping.
Are you just needing the seat part of the buckle?
Are you just needing the seat part of the buckle?
just the female belt, if that's what you mean
still got it, gimmie an offer. set of all 3 female buckles.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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