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2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition
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E-CLIK is a Semi-Active Suspension system, providing composure on road, while not losing comfort on the trails. It is Suspension Without Compromise.

The SDI E-CLIK Active with Pro Menu Suspension System for Toyota Tacoma & 4Runner contains 4 Shocks, Main Harness, Power Harness, Color Touch Screen Controller w/ Pro Menu, Controller mount, IMU w/ Bracket, ECU, Front Shock Harness, Rear Shock Harness, Zip-Ties, Fasteners, and Instructions.

Available For: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma & 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner Models

Features and Benefits:
  • E-CLIK utilizes 12 inputs from the Toyota’s onboard sensors (utilizing the OBD2 port) and our IMU to automatically adjust itself 500 times a second, based on the terrain and driving conditions.
  • Independent Front & Rear Shock Adjustment, Payload Compensation, & Tire Size Adjustment
  • Improves overall traction and braking, while reducing body roll in corners
  • Improved Speed Capability in rougher terrain
  • The Pro menu allows you to go a step further with tuning adjustments
  • Easy Plug & Play Installation, no cutting or splicing
  • 2.5” Coil over shocks feature a built-in bump zone, 3 internal limiting clips, proprietary seals, and 7/8ths shafts for the ultimate performance
  • Provides 2-3” of lift on Tacoma & 4Runner Models
  • Adjustable preload on 650lb spring (700lb Spring available separately)
  • We strongly suggest installation of aftermarket upper control arms
  • Made in the USA
Included Terrain Modes
  • Trail – Prioritizes comfort at slower speeds, such as trail riding, with a soft, comfortable ride without sacrificing body control
  • Street – Prioritizes composure, more damping at the right times for a composed ride and excellent feedback to the driver. More sensitive to driver inputs: braking, throttle, steering.
  • Desert– For when you need to turn it up a notch, Desert Mode focuses on handling, by reacting faster to terrain and driver input, sensing rough whooped out terrain and adjusting at the precise time.
These terrain modes are fully adjustable via the included Pro Menu. The Pro Menu covers Pitch Sensitivity, Roll Sensitivity, Turn Sensitivity, Throttle Sensitivity, & Brake Sensitivity Tuning.

The 2.5” Shocks
Our new 2.5” coil-over front shocks feature a bump zone within the shock for increased compression damping at the end of the stroke. The shock was designed with durability and lift performance in mind.
  • Coil-overs level the vehicle, giving 2-3” of lift on Tacoma
  • Fully Adjustable Preload
  • Internal Clip Positions to limit shock stroke
  • Comes with a 650lb spring, custom designed in Japan
  • 7/8ths Shafts
  • Proprietary Low Friction Seals
  • DU Piston Bushing
  • High-quality 5/8ths FK Teflon lined bearings
Fitment Data:
  • For: 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma & 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner
  • Recommended Wheel Size: 17x8.5 with 4.75” Backspace / 0mm Offset
  • Recommended Tire Size: 285/70R17
  • Models with KDSS require different front reservoir brackets available from SDi
  • Average Install Time is 2-3 Hours for Shocks, 2 Hours for Electronics
  • Compatible with rear leaf springs. 1.5" Minimum Rear Lift Recommended.
  • We strongly suggest installation of aftermarket upper control arm
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