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schackels vs. blocks?

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Jabez here... Yah Im new to the sceen. I got a ?. On my 3 in. lift option, should I go with a longer schackel, or a block spacer for the rear portion of the lift? Which would be better for the long run, and cause fewer problems? Thanks for the input.:thinking:
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Blocks will have less effect on your ride quality. Most people around here don't run blocks because most blocks will tend to crack if you offroad alot. If its going to be just a daily driver in my opinion the blocks wouldn't be that bad.
Shackles won't have any effect on the ride quality since all they do is change the mounting point of the leaf springs. Shackles will however allow you to have more flex.
You might want to consider a add a leaf also. Since yours is a '98 more than likely the springs will be shot so the add a leaf will put more arc back into the springs. If your getting the Old Man Emu lift struts for the front the AAL might be the way you want to go. I went with the OME struts and shackles in the back and my backend sat about 2" lower than the front. That why i suggest getting an AAL as opposed to blocks or shackles.
Got you covered on both...both steel and both bullet proof. :waytogo:


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