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2004 Tacoma Doublecab 3.4L 4x4 w/ TRD supercharger & 7th inj
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Hi all,

I have a 2004 Tacoma 3.4L 4x4 with TRD Supercharger & 7th injector with california emissions. I need to find a mechanic or tuner in San Diego that can sort it

Problems existing for the past ~100k miles (all since new & had dealer install S/C & 7th at about 10k miles):
1) burning up catalytic convertors. It's got 120k miles on it, and now I'm pretty sure it's just melted it's 4th replacement cat a week ago. Drivability plummeted and I'm now very familiar with the exhaust tone of a plugged cat.
2) It's never gotten more than 14 mpg, typically 13 mpg (I do drive about 80), so not sure if that is reasonable (right now gets about 12 due to suspected clogged/melted front cat)
3) breaks belt about every 20k miles
4) if rev'd high and then suddenly come off throttle, the engine stalls out, and won't restart for about a minute. I've become expert at getting the car over to the shoulder/sidewalk with no power steering or brakes.
5) it pings like a maniac if I don't feather the throttle, and usually goes into some sort of protection mode (guessing significant retarding) if I let it ping for more than 4 or so seconds.

I recently (before melted cat) installed new plugs (one step colder Denso), new coils, new mass air flow sensor.

I need somebody who knows these trucks & SC and can get it running reasonably. I don't care about getting every last bit of power on a tune, I just want the truck to run right and have reasonable drivability. I also don't want to have to play games every 2 years to get it to pass California emissions testing.

Any references or advice would be greatly appreciated

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