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San Diego Meeting

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I know that there are a lot of guys on this site representing San Diego and it would be sick if we could all meet up and check out trucks and get some food or something. I am located in the North County (Escondido) and want to pick an area that everyone can get too without that much of a drive. Any ideas of where or what we can do? Maybe in Carmel Mountain? Encinitas?

Let me know what you think!
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Im down, Escondido is only about 40 minutes from me but I got a couple of friends who are also down Just drop me some mail, you know when and where. [email protected]
Late .
im willing to go i live like 50 minutes from escondido but let me know were and when it would be better on a saturday let me know.
Damn, why is everyone from Cali. We need more FL people.
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The best come from the west(corny i know but F*it)
Why don't we meet at Chili;s in Escondido. It is off of the 15 at the exit Valley Parkway. It is East of the offramp and is on the right side as you go east on Valley parkway. It's big so it is quite visible.

I am thinking this Saturday in the evening, if that is too soon just shout! No big deal, I just want everyone that wants to go to have the chance! I am going to bring my broad because she has been the only one supporting me throughout the whole thing and she loves trucks! Damn I'm lucky!!

Keep talking and see if this will work! I am down for anything so if you want to change where or when just shout!

I cant This Sat I'll be racing at california speed way. Hey maybe we should all meet there. I'll be throwing a Bar-b-q. If you guys come down let me know so I can look for ya.
I'll be the guy with the white single cab
Let me know what you think [email protected]
How far away is that from Escondido (Minutes, Miles)? I would love to go!

Its maybe about 20 minutes from moreno Valley which is about 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes from escondido.Its in fontana by ontario. If you need directions just email me at [email protected]. by the way this is tacomarace-er but i was to lazy to login. Hopefully some of you guys show.
so whats the dealio? we meeting in sd or fontana, and how much san diegians are down to do this meet? cause its gonna suck if i roll up and no one shows up
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or we could postpone it till a later day? Who is actually going to come to escondido? Just tell me whats going on!

yall should meet up at the Q, for the legal drags
I can't do a day thing because a gotta surf tomorrow morning! I could probably make it up there by 2 o clock, but I don't want everyone to be gone! Tell what time you are going to leave!

2000taco i think we are the only 2 that would be meeting up so why don't consider going up there and doing a dinner or something thing later on in time! I want to check out your truck as well as everyones elses.

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