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running light ckt?

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I am wiring my foglights into my running lamp ckt so they come on with the corner lights, can someone please tell which wire would be the power wire for either the taillights or the front corner lights. I would like to tap into it down in the driverside kick panel so i dont have to pass through the firewall. If it matters it is a 1995.5 2wd extended cab. 2rz. Thanks
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Here (attached) is the 1995.5 taillight and interior illumination circuit wiring diagram.

The front corner / parking / marker lamps are the ones labeled 'Parking Light'. The hot wires to them are solid green.

The J1 junction connector shown in the diagram is located in the engine bay somewhere in the vicinity of the driver-side fender / wheel well (I can't tell for certain from the components illustration).

It looks to me that if you want to avoid threading too many lines through the firewall you'd want to tap into the corner light circuit in the engine bay.


well im putting in a switch so i can still turn the fogs off with the lights on, so the power wire is coming from the switch on the dash i installed, so id prefer to tap the power wire into a tailight wire running down the driverside kickpanel area. Any ideas?
(1) How big are these foglights, and how much current will they draw? If they make for a substantial 'load', I'm not sure it's a good idea to power them directly off the tail / illumination circuit.

(2) Aren't you using a relay for the foglights (switch triggers relay; relay feeds power to the lamps)? It's usually wise to insert a relay to control current fed to new accessories - particularly ones that draw substantial current.

Having said that ...

(3) If you look at the wiring diagram you'll see a red / black wire running from the light control switch to the tail relay (to trigger the relay). This wire runs through a connector 'IF1', which is supposed to be located in the left kick panel.

I can see tapping into this line to trigger a foglight relay. However, I'm not sure this line would stand up to serving as the main power to the foglights.
Are you using a relay and need that wire to trigger it? Or were you planning to just use the tapped wire for power?

If using a relay look for a solid green wire (per Enola's attachment) in the wire loom behind the kick panel. Probe it with a test light, logic probe or DMM to confirm you have the right wire (should only have power when running lights are on).

If not using a relay, get one. The running light circuit was not designed to handle the current that your fogs will pull.

edit: Enola beat me to it, re: Relay. And yeah, that red/black wire would be suitable for its trigger.

Does this work? I assume i need a four prong relay because i can only assume the relay must be grounded in order for the electromagnet to function correct?


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not sure how i like them there, maybe ill have to wait until i get some yellow bulbs in them and tint the lenses yellow too before i decide.

heres the rocker switch i put in, and i also ended up wiring in a relay too. definitely the way to go.


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Looks good! :waytogo:

Just for the record - what are the details on the lights you installed? :thinking:
they were just some of those cheap navigator fog lights we sell at my work (advance auto parts), on sale for 15 bucks right now, comes with 55w h3 bulbs which im going to swap out for some 70w yellow ones and spray tint the lenses smoked so they dont stand out so much.

I also had to take a sawzall to the valance and notch that out in order to bolt them to the radiator support.
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