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Removing Stickers

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So I just bought a 1998 Tacoma, but its got a ton of stickers that I would like to remove. They are everywhere, the door, grill, bumpers and rear window. Whats the best way to remove them with out wrecking the paint?
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An, old t-shirt, a decent sized bottle of goo-gone, a lot of elbow grease, and a lot more patience is the only way I can see you getting it done without wrecking the paint. Go slow to avoid ripping the stickers as you peel them up.

You can try using a fresh utility knife blade to help peel up the corners enough for you to grab and peel up the sticker by hand, but that's a big risk in terms of accidentally digging into the paint.

It's also a good idea to wash and wax the truck afterward, even with just cleaner wax as the goo-gone will strip any wax on the paint...
Use razor blades on the glass (angled should take em off no problem)..

Use goo gone on chrome

and on paint..but wipe it off the paint fast...I've heard of it ruining your clear coat before.

Just soak it in the goo gone stuff and either use your finger nail and it will peel off all mushy (but very easily)..or a plastic scraper:waytogo:
Dam, looks like have a lot of work to do. Thanks for the information guys.
Dam, looks like have a lot of work to do. Thanks for the information guys.

if it's really tough to peel off, you can try heating up the sticker and the area around it a little bit to loosen up the adhesive, too.
A steel razor blade on the windows will be perfect, and it will not scratch the glass at all. Just make sure its a regular razor, not a specialty blade.

For the paint, heat it up and try peeling it off, If that doesn't work, get a soft plastic scraper and gently take it off that way.

The best way to take decals off is using an eraser wheel, any bodyshop will have one. Just go in and start chatting it up with the manager and see what kind of deal you can get for the labor. Im sure it will be cheap, probably shoot them 20 bux or a box of donuts :D
I work for a sign company and we use this stuff called Rapid Remover to get rid of adhesives from vinyl stickers and stuff, It works great. We get it from N. Glantz & Son in Brea. I've never used it on auto paint though so I dunno if it would mess up anything, I have used it on glass and plastics though.
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