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Toyota is amending a safety recall involving fuel pumps that was announced on January 13, 2020. Approximately 1.8 million vehicles in total are now involved in this recall, as amended. ...

The subject vehicles are equipped with a fuel pump which may stop operating. If this were to occur, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the instrument panel, and the engine may run rough. This can result in a vehicle stall, and the vehicle may be unable to be restarted. If a vehicle stall occurs while driving at higher speeds, this could increase the risk of a crash.

For all involved vehicles, Toyota and Lexus dealers will replace the involved fuel pump with an improved one at no cost to customers.

Owners of vehicles currently included in the recall, that were not included in the original recall population on January 13, 2020, will be notified by early May. ...

FULL PRESS RELEASE (With complete list of all affected vehicles):

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