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Rearend out of alignment??? DJM Kit

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Anyone with the DJM kit on a 05 -10 notice that their rear is "kicked" to one side? Mine is notched, Cal shocks, etc. It's on the alignment pins correctly.. It measures good to the frame (without the shocks on it) but when I dropped the jack, it still is kicked over. It's maybe 3/4 to a inch total ....
Very noticable with the tall winter tires on it. The tire is closer to the bedside on the pass side than the drivers.
What the hell.... I even called DJM and they told me some of the beds have been off to one side from the factory...
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So I saw this and decided to go look.

I'll be damned. Mine is too. Driver side tire closer to front of truck than passenger side is. It's pouring rain out, so I'll wait another day to get better measurements. But it looks to be about an inch off from just eyeballing with a tape measure. Cant be positive of where I measured from on one side is same as other. I was rushing to get out of the rain. But I did each side real quick twice (once on one side, then other side, then repeat) just to be sure.

I'll try to get a better measurement tomorrow or whenever this rain stops. lol. I got soaked in the one minute I was out there

EDIT: But my guess is its a bed thing too.... Cause it drives fine.
mine has it too

i thnk its just the taco lean thats more noticeable when you drop the truck. when i dont have gas in mine its fine :shrug:
Ignore the wheels and axle. Measure your bed only. From front to wheel well and from back to wheel well on one side. They repeat on other side. They aren't the same. One side is about 3/4" further forward than the other. Apparently not a whole lot of exact measurements go into building the bed. lol
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