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Rear Diff Bearings and Seals - LSD Instal

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Hey guys,

I have a 2002 PreRunner rear wheel drive without an electric locker, and am planning on installing the Kazuma LSD. Could anyone provide me with the part numbers for the bearings, and the gasket/seals that I need to replace when doing the swap. Also, do you know if they sell a shim kit for the diff or if I have to order the shims one at the time?

Thank you,

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90366-51001 carrier bearings

You need 2 and each is ~$50

Use silicone for gasket, IMO it works better.

ring gear bolts = 71 ft lbs
bearing cap bolts = 63 ft lbs

Good luck
If I'm not mistaken, the bearings you'd be wanting to swap out are coded number 41301A in this (attached) parts diagram.

The Toyota part number for this item is supposed to be:



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Is it worthwhile to purchase a gasket and bearing kit from here or here, or are a couple of carrier bearings and some gasket maker (and possibly a shim or two) is really all that is needed?
Unless some component is already worn / damaged (or you damage something during the installation), you should only need:

- the carrier / side bearings (because removing the old ones involves a high risk of damaging them)

- either a gasket or sealant to seal the 3rd member to axle housing mate-up

If the lash is 'off' with the new unit (can happen; often doesn't) you'll need shims to get it set within spec.

If you're careful in (re-)moving the axles out of the way, your axle seals shouldn't have to be replaced.

Check these places for more info / discussion on install issues:
(Especially Gadget's post #18)
(Archived discussion from the 2006 TrueTrac group buy)
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