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Raced my bros 06 turbo diesel!

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2006 dodge ram, quad cab, long bed, 4x4, auto, with all the bells and whistles ect.....$50K truck.....Oh yeah, he has 22" chrome wheels with 37" tires and a 6" lift!

Anyways I raced him yesterday with my truck n/a.

It was dead even till ~40mph.....40mph-60mph he pulled me ~1 truck length.....60mph-80mph I gain it back on him so we are even.....aftre this point I am slowly pulling away from him. Those things are actually pretty fast to be stock!
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Yeah except if he wanted to he could by one of those computer programmers and have an extra 150HP or more in minutes and smoke your a$$.
Thats cool, The town i live in is full of diesels. All the ranchers have them hop't up. I'm very careful to race one.

I raced a stock taco last night. I wounder if he saw my URD sticker on my back window? LOL
if the dodge was stock, he would have eaten you alive. (i.e no tires and lift)
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