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I started a new thread for this.
I have an 2009 double cab and added D-Rings under the center and front bed bolts almost immediately to haul a palletized 60 gal air compressor safely.
As noted by some, you have to grind the bolt to remove the washer, and drill most D-Rings to fit the bolt. Here we are in 2019 and the factory still doesn’t add more bed tie-downs! I also don’t like the aftermarket kind that mounts only thru the composite.
I put together a couple of kits that make adding Tie-Downs a 5 minute job using Toyota factory new OEM bolts. I can even include the T55 TORX bit! Do you want black rings? I have a kit using black V-Rings also. Just remove your old bolts and install the kit! No grinding or drilling!
I have them on eBay for a reasonable $. Sample photos attached.
Just search for “tie down TA64002”, “tie down TA64003”, “tie down TA64004”, “tie down TA64005” for the 4 kits!


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