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quick about to get these wheels!

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I need to know if 17x7 with a +35 offset is ideal for a 3/4 drop tacoma with b/j flip? guy wants 250 for them with three tires. Going to get them at 12EST.
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The +35 could very well require rear fender lip trimming, and honestly I'm not sure about the front since you have the older style narrow fenders. 4" with no c-notch in back tends to hit frame before the tires and fenders contact each other too bad when not trimmed. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
Should be fine.

I have 17 x 7.5
32 ET

and at a 6.5/5 it fit real nice up front but was tire rub central...amazing fitment though on wheels, but our suspension just isn't stiff enough to run a tire fitment like that

3/4 you will be totally fine...I'm at a 4/5 right now with the same stuff..and no rubbing, except hard bumps on rear end (i gotta check if I'm just slamming frame or fenders)..I have stock length blown monroe crap shocks nothin to do with my wheels.

3/4 will be fine with a 215 tire on a 7.5
if your gonna go lower with that offset...your gonna want a 195/40 or a 205/40 for extra clearance
(unless you buy 4wd fenders)
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ok well i got the wheels, and for the front i have 215/45/17s which im not too worried about, for the rear i got 245/45/17 which im a little more worried about. The truck is currently supported on my only jackstands and jack so i cant put them on until after i finish the drop :(
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