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Question On DJM kit for 2001 tacoma

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Hey everyone, i am a brand new member but love Tacomas. I bought a 2001 standard cab stepside and lowered it with the djm 3/4 kit. The back was no problem but the front was a pain. i installed the upper arms and assembled them correctly but my question is that it seems that the front of my truck hasn't dropped the full 3 inches. if anyone has any tips or helpful hints on what i could have done wrong please tell me. I appreciate any responses.

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i know that i forgot to put the upper ball joint on top of the upper arm but i don't know about the lower ball joint. Is that in the instrutions? i did it in about 5 hours so was kind of rushed, i am going back into Auto on sunday and fixing everything. Could you tell how to flip the lower ball joint and what exactly you did with the spindle mounting bracket. in the tech area the pictures look different then mine because it looks like that cut off that end piece that was used for the older connecter.

thanks again for your responses and any others!

i just want to get it done right!!

Alright i just got done with everything and it looks great even with the stock tires on it! Please tell me that everyones alignment was horrible afterwards. i am positive that i did everything right but it would feel good to know others alignment went to hell after installation!

Thanks for all of your help and support, this is the best place on the net!
Yeah i checked EVERYTHING twice and it is weird because my brake line on the right side looks really tight but i don't see any reasons for this to happen. Any suggestions? I drove my truck home from the shop i installed it at and my rubbers were smeeling nice and strong by the time i got home (a good 20 miles) and NOW tomorrow I have to drive a good 3o miles to get a good alignment, Thank god my brand new 17's with tires are coming in tomorrow afternoon, I will soon have a picture of my COMA on the site so keep an eye out!!

Thanks again for everyones support and help. It is great to have people to talk to about lowered trucks instead of all of those lifted beasts!

Thanks again
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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