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Question about a '98 2X4

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The other day, I decided to remove the non-functioning aftermarket alarm from my truck. As I got under the dash, I noticed the connector below hanging around the fuse box. Can someone tell me what it is and what its for? I couldn't find anything in the service manual. TIA.


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What are the details on the Taco? Model? Options?

Also - can you list the colors of all the wires that terminate at this plug (including the colors of stripes)?
My truck is a '98 base model (auto 2.4, 2wd, A/C, manual everything, cruise). I'll post up wire colors tomorrow.
My first guess is that it's an unused junction connector for power windows and / or door locks.

Toyota typically installs harnesses configured to accommodate all the available factory options, whether or not those options are included. It's basically cheaper to make one uniform main harness than a bunch of different ones.
That's what I initially assumed. I just found it odd that is was hanging there in front of the fuse box, but I suppose it could have been moved around by whomever installed the alarm. Thanks for the insight, Enola Gaia.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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