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Prototype Cold Air Intake 1st Gen

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the Full Post Is On Under 1st Gen Forums / Cold Air Itake And Theory About Cold Air. Here Is My Take, Run As Much Cold Air Through The Box As Possible And Let The Engine Do The Rest. Leaving The Stock Elbow Open, Will Allow The Air To Pass Through The Box As Its Forced In With The Scoop, Keeping Everything Cooler. Please Comment, This Is Just The Prototype, I Will Have One Soon That Has Been Made Of Piping ,wether Its Platic Or Metal, I Dont Know Yet. About 4 Or 5 Pcs On The New One With Factory Holes For Easy Installation. They Will B For Sale. This Thing Moves A Massive Amount Of Air Through The Box. I Have Done Some Homework On This. Pics Are On Tacomaworld They Wont Resize On Here.
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Post pics.
For everyone's reference ... Here are the latest prototype photos, as posted over at TW ...


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Installment #2 ...


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Kinda... okay.

I dig the idea, but I believe his execution could have been better.
yeah, i know, but this was first attempt. i will start bending pipe or tubing this week. it will be solid when its done, but i wasnt gonna spend a lot of clams if it was not gonna work. i put my shop vac hose on the elbow yesterday and ran it through my passenger window, dummy closed the hood, androve at 25 mph. the airflow was impressive, even with all the bends and the 6' hose all the way to the cab. this system will deliver the air, and lots of it!!!!!! in the summertime compartment air is extremely hot, with air constantly rushing through the box, it wont heat up. thus giving the engine colder air. once i get my thermometer out and test all these options we'll see. i got my money on this set up for coldest air, even over k & n. i will have a pre-bent unit on here soon. probably plastic because it holds less heat than metal, and its easier to cool.
remember, there is no room under here to work. so anything you do has to be compact, or get uot the power tools and start cutting and fabricating.
Doodle66: If I read your TW description correctly, you're using this scoop / intake with the elbow removed (or at least open). The part I'm having a hard time with is understanding how the open elbow 'circuit' doesn't detract from the amount of pressure (and hence flow) you're getting from the front / scoop. The geometry of the scoop basically induces an increase in intake air pressure. If the elbow connection is open at a lower relative pressure, it seems to me you'd start losing air through it. At the worst extreme would be the possibility of setting up a 'throughput' that resulted in no net pressure / flow gain through the airbox.
I had done something like this with my old 98 4-banger. I removed the windshield washer resevoir and cut a hole into the inner wheel well. I then ran a 90degree straight down on the other sode of the plastic in the wheel well. Worked pretty good while I had it.
I'd choose plastic over metal.

Before you invest more record the air temps first, the filter housing gets pretty hot and transfer a lot of heat. I tested a lot of setups and after a while they all recorded somewhat the same temps. The mod that made a little difference is replacing the hood hinges bolts with longer ones and using washers so the hot air will have a way out.

Another mod to consider is the coolant bypass mod.

I tell you this because in theory this cold air intake sounds awesome but in real life it could mean little or no difference in performance.
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