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Besides Gadget, do you know of anyone that has tested them on a dyno? Also, do you now what brand Gadget tested? Just because something adds more hp an torque, doesn't mean the manufacturer is going to build it into the engine. If that was the case, there would be no aftermarket parts. : )
For the record, I have never dyno tested one of those power toilets. I have always said that I can not see any way that thing can be of any benefit on the type of fuel injection system used on our engines. It maybe of a benefit on other engines, but not ours. That of course is my opinion. There have been dyno tests done by others and have shown a big fat zero gain or loss.

I posted the very same thing on another board some time ago and a person that identified himself as the owner of the company that makes the power toilet popped in to defend his product. He cited dyno tests that proved its value. I pointed out that those engines had throttle body fuel injection or carburetors and not one had the same type of fuel injection system as our engines. He could not provide one single test showing a benefit on the type of fuel injection system we have.

I then challenged him to send me one for me to test like I have tested everything else. I would post the results good or bad for everyone to see and I told him if it proved to be of any benefit then I would buy it and tell everyone so. If it did not I would send it back to him. That guy tucked tail and was never heard from again. He would not post anymore, he would not respond to my emails, and would not take my phone calls.

You can make up your own mind what to think about that. I am still trying to figure out what he was so afraid of.


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toyota is like any other "vehicle producing company out there". when they build a motor they take 5 things into consideration. "durability, performance, fuel economy, cost, and usability" otherwise why wouldn't they just put the 500+ horsepower 2.7L normaly aspirated motor from the offroad baja trucks in? they try to come up with the most fuel effecient, best gasmileage,longest lasting and driveable vehicle for cheap. if the throttle body spacer added 5hp and 14lbs/ft but cost theman extra 100$ per truck that's not being quite as cheap as the truck could be. plus people like us will go out and spend that extra hundred bucks anyways to gain that extra 10hp. case in point why isn't the TRD S/C standard on all their vehicles?
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