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Power Steering

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I have a 2000 toyota tacoma and it has 9 inches of lift on 37s. My steering has recently became hard to steer when turning, it doesnt whine or anything and no leaks. It started happening after a late night when i cut some doughnuts like an idiot. This truck is my daily driver and im taking it on a trip in about a week i need to get it fixed but im stumped at what it could be. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELPPPPPP
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Did you do any mods to the steering system before you added all that meaty tire? I would guess the power steering pump is done for.
Check you fluid. Check you pump, Check the belt. Take off those bigass tires.:shrug:

the power steering pump is probably fried.

you're asking that pump to do 400% more work than it was ever intended to.
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