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Phoenix Area: ECU / EGR / Tuners?

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the site however I've had my '99 2wd standard cab taco for about 7 years now. Haven't done a whole lot with it. Some basic mods i.e. tint, bucket seats, tool box... I recently bought a header which bolts up just fine. Problem is I either need to drill and weld on an EGR port or tune my ECU to eliminate the EGR and bypass it all together. I can weld but I'd prefer just to eliminate the EGR all together. Does anyone know anyone in the Phoenix area that tunes Tacoma ECU's? Let me know please.
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Re: Hello

Welcome to CT, Dan! :waytogo:

I'm going to copy your question to Performance, where it will hopefully get more notice ... :thinking:
Re: Hello

These ECUs cannot be physicially tuned or modified. Look for information on the EGR Bypass.
Your better off welding a tube on it for the EGR, you will get better mileage.
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