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paradise racing

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anyone know where luis is, ive been trying to get a hold of him for 2 weeks
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I gave up buying from him a long time ago.
I was wondering the same ****. I need some orings so my injectors fit his fuel rail...
You should be able to get O-rings through
Just call them and have the I.D ready, or you could just go to the autoparts store and get some, I have done that in a jam.
The thing is I need reassurance that they are ethanol resistant. No local autoparts stores have the orings, and the hydraulic shop guy is an ******* haha. I found some on summit that might work, but the ID isnt listed
Key to O-Ring Material Compatibility Ratings (4) Good, both for static and dynamic seals (3) Fair, usually OK for static seals (2) Sometimes OK for static seals; not OK for dynamic seals (1) Poor (0) No Data
O-Ring Compatibilities
Order by RatingO-Ring Materials Compatible with Ethanol
(select a material to show its compatible chemicals)Aflas (0)Buna-N (Nitrile) (4)Butyl (4)Chemraz (4)Epichlorohydrin (4)Ethylene-Propylene (4)Fluorocarbon (4)Fluorosilicone (4)Hypalon (4)Kalrez (4)Natural Rubber (4)Neoprene (4)Nitrile, Hydrogenated (4)Polyacrylate (1)Polysulfide (4)Polyurethane, Cast (0)Polyurethane, Millable (1)Silicone (3)Styrene Butadiene (4)Teflon, Virgin (4)Vamac (0)
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I'll bust out the caliper and see what sizes i need tomorrow, and i'll update this. Thanks guys!
He is in PR
Do you know when he'll be back?:shrug:
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