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anyone have any suggestions on how to paint the mirrors of a 99? I'd like to save money and do them myself. I would also appreciate any information on how to paint the door handles and washer nozles. thanks a lot guys this site really kicks!!!
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Goto any **good** auto body paint retailer and give them your paint code, and have them mix it into an aerosol container... just member to primer them before hand. : ) Yes they can do that (place paint in aerosol cans.).
I'am all about saveing money,,,but come on, mirrors should only cost like 25-30 bucks to get the time you buy clear,paint,flex additive,promoter and good 3M tape to do job right,it's not worth geting getting your gun dirty just to paint some mirrors.....................................................................
I work in a body shop and I painted my mirrors myself, the only good way to do it is to take them apart and a proper base clear paint job is a must, anything out of a spray can will look like shat! There is a narrow plasic ring around the mirror which is tricky to remove but not impossible, and phillips screws in the bottom plate which hides a nut that holds the body onto the base. I would reccomend getting a price from a shop, if you remove the mirrors and handles yourself, you can save some bucks, but be carefull the handles can be tricky.

ps. my mirrors look amazing!! I may try the handles sometime.....Hmmm?
I had my mirrors painted and my tailgate shaved and repainted for 300.00 at a local shop. That's not a bad price compared to doing it yourself. You may find a body shop that will paint your mirrors for 50 or 75 dollars. Call around and find out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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