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New taco owner, paint is in pretty bad shape due to alot of scuffs...
Im thinking new paint job, however im on a pretty tight budget, i like the look of flat black. I also like the paint color that i already have. Someone mentioned matte white as an option although I;ve never seen that color on a taco and im not sure how that would turn out. How much would a paint job run? Flat black $$$? or orignal green$$$? Or is there a way for me to get the scuffs and swirls out on my own?

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Are you thinking in terms of DIY or having a shop do it?
Are you thinking in terms of DIY or having a shop do it?
Well if it was possible to restore the paint myself i would do that, but unless people have had success with rattle can paint jobs i would have a shop paint it.
try to fix the imperfections in your paint...if nottt...then do what this guy did. paint the whole thing for 50 bucks
same process was done on alot of NICE muscle cars, turned out great
I say save your money and leave it alone, does not look that bad. It's a truck its not going to stay scratch free anyways.
Ya I also say save your money. Maybe buy fiberglass desert racing fenders with those savings. Then your truck will look like a police vehicle being black and white:waytogo:Thumbs up for THAT look. Even though it is not a nice paint job it would look better than how your truck looks now.
Thanks for the input, MOST of you were very helpfuL.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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