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Optional 4x4 Tire Size Package

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Hey everyone, I did a search through the forums, but couldn't find anything.

My 2008 truck came equipped with 245/75-16 tires on the styled steel wheels. Right now I have snow tires in this size on my steel wheels for use in the winter.

I want to put a set of tires on a set of 2007 16" Tacoma alloys I picked up. When doing a tire search, I noticed that 265/70-16 is listed as an optional tire size for my truck.

I assume I can use the optional tire size with no issues or interference?
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Yes tha is fine. U can even get a 265/75r16. That is a 32 inch tall tire.
No rubbing works great.

But the 265/70r 16 is stock for trd offroad.
I'm thinking about trying the Kumho Road Venture APTs. They have excellent reviews and are decently priced. Anyone have any experience with these?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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