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One or Two 10" Subs - 05+ DC

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I've tried searching for my answer and can't find it - Could be the beers holding me back too :p

Anyways.... Looking to up grade my system and could use some input on number of 10" subs. I had one ten in my F150 and like it and had two 10s in my VW and liked that too. I mainly listen to metal and rock, and love the sound of metal double bass thundering away.

So what do you think one or two subs?

I plan on buying the Taco Tunes enclosure(s).
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I dont know to much about systems but, i would say a good set of 6 1/2 in stock locations. Maybe a amp to beef it up a bit. 2 or 1 tens take up to much room. Just my 2 cents.Let see pics of the taco.
depends on what you want... do you want them behind the seat or you dont care?
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