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Right now I have the Toytec front spacer/rear AAL lift. I want to upgrade to the OME springs and new shocks front and rear. I found this site They seem to have pretty good prices compared to Toytec. Specifically for the shocks. The question I have is what shocks and springs should I get.

The site has 2 choices for springs

1. Medium
2. Heavy

If I get the medium is it going to sag over time? I don't do hardly any offroading but plan to do some more when I get back to the states.

As for the shocks they have
1. firm
2. comfort

1. Medium
2. Firm

I don't know why the front and rear are named different but I was thinking about Comfort and Medium.

I think thats about it...basically the ride is getting pretty bouncy and I'm having some bump steer on the highway. Time to upgrade.
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