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older axle question

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Picked up an older yota axle for my truck for when I bag it. I have to do as much as I can without taking thetruck off the road since its my only vehicle. So I'm wonder are the leaf spring perchs the same width apart as the taco axle? Cause if I can swap it out and drive it now, I can do all my links and notching etc with the leafs on and then have less down time. If I need to ill cut the perchs off and weld then in the location to match up, I'm just hoping to get out easy lol
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Just so we're clear - exactly *which* older Toyota axle do you have? 1989 - 1995 PreTaco? Or ... ???
Yea sorry I forgot to say, the guy said he was pretty sure it was off a 92
According to Tacofel in this 2004 thread:

... the PreTaco axle spring perches are 41.75" (outside edge of perch to outside edge of other perch).

In a later (2008) thread Tacofel wrote:

The Perches on the older axle do indeed mount directly to the tacos leafs. However the perches are wider on the older axles and therefore the u-bolt spacing ... does not work with the tacos lower shock mount plates. Simple as that.
In this 2005 thread:

... Tacofel reported that the spring perches are the "same width apart ...", but the perches themselves are different widths.

NOTE: Tacofel never specified which precise measurement (outside / outside?; inside / inside?) was the 'same width apart' between Taco and PreTaco rear ends. :shrug:
Finally ... (I *knew* the answer was somewhere in the archives ... :rolleyes:) ...

In this 2006 thread:

Tacofel and OGSpacePimp verified that:

- the PreTaco leaf spring perches are wider than the Tacoma perches
- the 'pin-to-pin' (not outside edge; not inside edge; the pins themselves) width measurements are the same for both Tacoma and PreTaco axles.
:bow: once again you have the answers, many many thanks:bow:
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