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Oil filter for turbo'd engines

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What filter do you turbo guys run?
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I pretty much always run the oem Toyota one, but have used a couple k&n ones here and there.

Toyota, Mobil1, Napa Gold, or K&N, but NOT FRAM
speedfreek, do you just not like fram or is it something about them that makes them bad for turbo applications? just wondering...(i run mobil 1 right now since they have great deals for oil and filter)
because the Fram filter material breaks apart and gets into the oil system. several guys in the diesel world have had this happen to them and cost them mucho denero. i would recommend a System 1 oil filter. i have been using them for awhile and i love not ever having to buy a oil filter. just take it apart and clean it with some brake cleaner and put it back together. plus they are not that expensive, i think around $135, you will spend that on 13 oil filters.
Basic Fram filters are about as bad as they come. Cheap construction and materials used.

Can't go wrong with factory Toyota or the other ones mentioned either. edit: Puralator's PureONE is a real nice premium filter. I like Amsoil. Mobil 1 and K&N are the same, except the K&N has the welded-on nut. WIX and Napa Gold are also the same. There's only several US factories that manufacture all of the different make oil filters.

Use the 3.7L Jeep Liberty filter (also found on some Fords too). It has the same OD and 3/4-16 thread as the stock filter, but is almost twice as long for increased capacity and efficiency.

Found this informative post. The OP found this on another site, but did not provide a link.

Oil Filters - Dissected

I was wondering what the differences were between some of the current oil filters. The study done at Engine Oil Filter Study is quite dated. So, I bought some oil filters from the local stores, grabbed my hacksaw and away I went. All filters had an anti-back flow gasket.

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The basic Fram is still crap. Fewest pleats and therefore least amount of filter area. Cardboard end-caps.

The TG Fram is better. Still has cardboard end-caps but has 15% more filter media and a screened by-pass valve.

The XG Fram is, can't believe I'm saying this, a decent filter. This is the only filter tested that used a different type of filter media. It was more fiberglass in nature vs. paperish for all the rest and is supported with a metal mesh. So even though it has less area, it is 2-3 times as thick.

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STP and SuperTech are the exact same filter. Decent filter area but cheaply made and the felt end caps detached from the filter media with frightening ease. No by-pass valve.

Mopar and Purolator PremiumPlus are the exact same filter. Plenty of filter media with metal end caps which are impossible to remove from the filter media as seen by the dead Mopar filter.

Purolator PureOne and Bosch are the exact same filter. Largest amount of filter media with metal end caps which are also impossible to remove from the filter media.

All four of the latter are made by the same manufacture with the only difference between the two sets is the Mopar/Purolator PremiumPlus has the by-pass valve in the front, built into the stem..

...and the Bosch/Purolator PureOne has the by-pass valve located in the back via a 45-speed record adapter spring thingy along with 4 more pleats of filter media. Also, the PureOne has the best paint job. A nice royal blue w/ pearl coat

The Wix and NAPA Gold are the same filter but the NAPA Gold had 4 more pleats (61 vs 57) than the Wix. Was this by design or was it a machine assembly variance, probably the latter since everything else was exactly the same. The filters were similar to the Mopar and the Purolator PremiumPlus but made by someone else. They had a similar stem based by-base which was not attached to the filter media but loosely sits in the end-cap without a gasket. The Wix and NAPA Gold also had the second least amount of filter media. They had metal end-caps with the filter media permanently attached.

The Mobil 1 and the K&N are exactly the same filter less the 1" bung thingy on the K&N. Both are heavy due to their thick bases and smaller inlet holes. They too had the stem based by-pass valve firmly attached to the end-cap but only had 55 pleats, the second fewest. It did have the deepest pleats which equals fifth in area and the filter media was slightly thicker than most. Had metal end-caps with the filter media permanently attached.

Here the #'s (sorted by price):

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