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Yes, I'm early with announcing the prize this month. I'm early because this month's prize KICKS ASS. I actually just want to keep it for myself. But, I'd rather give it away to someone who supports the site. So here we go:

<img src="/contest/images/XM_radio.jpg" style="float: right; padding: 10px;">The monthly drawing for October is for an XM Radio and a $95 XM subscription card.

The radio is a Delphi Roady XT, one of the smallest and hottest XM radios on the market right now. It has a built-in wireless FM transmitter, which means it will be an easy install into your Tacoma, or even your significant other's grocery getter.

The XM subscription card will be pretty handy for using your new XM Radio, unless you just want to sit and look at it. The $95 credit on it can be used for your new subscription, or credited to an existing account if you already have an XM subscription.

As with all of our monthly giveaways, only Plus, Premium, and Vendor members are eligible, so make sure you upgrade your account before the end of the month to be eligible!!

The drawing will take place at Midnight on October 31st. And don't forget to check back here to see who the winner is!
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