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NY: T3/T4 Garrett Turbo/ Tial Wastegate!!! $400/$150

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ALrighty here's the deal....Money talks...there is lots of interest in this turbo local and on another forum so the first one to put money in paypal takes it!

**Posting this for a friend but I trust him with my life so consider him vouched for*** (You will paypal him, e-mail him, and deal with him)

No time wasters or scammers cuz' that's for the lame....

SPECS: Garrett T3/T4 60 Trim with a .63 A/R exhaust, will support 500-550WHP.

Journal bearing/ No shaft play/ spins like it just came out of the box.
We are pro-mechanics and take care of our stuff, this is coming off a scion tc that was daily driven approx. 8K miles on turbo...made 440hp on the dyno.

Reason for sale: We got sponsored and are going WAAY Bigger for the new Time Attack Season.


Tial Wastegate is 38mm perferct gate for this turbo 10 lb spring, tial sells different springs for cheap. $150 YOU PAY SHIPPING

This is perfect for your 2rz/3rz build...that's why we put it on the was so much fun but now the TC is our dedicated race car and we gotta' make more power to compete with the big boys so our loss is your gain!

NO TIME WASTERS...PLEASE DON'T PM ME ASKING ME HOW TO TURBO YOUR TRUCK...I'm in the Military stationed in England so don't flip if I don't get back to you in mere seconds after you PM me.....

Also if you wanna' post and say how you found something better, cheaper, and our price/turbo/wastegate suxks for whatever reason...don't bother please.

Heat shield/Downpipe/Manifold/oil lines not included.

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PM me offers.
Still got this thing no reply. Cant want to sell it too bad.
^Everything has been sold
Sorry guys...military kept me off the forums for a bit...ALL SOLD....THANKS!!!
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