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NOS Sneaky pete

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Has anyone tried the 10 oz. sneaky pete NOS set up on their tacoma? I think this would work great with the SC's!
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from the NOS website it appears that ole' Sneaky Pete is only for non-EFI vehicles, I tripped over a website where a guy claims to have put one in a Honda scooter, and got tagged for like 80mph or something like that.
probably would work just fine, but you'd be fillin' that little ten ounce bottle every other day...;) I wouldn't want anything smaller than the 5 pounder.
Well, I probably wouldn't use it every day. I just thought it would be cool because you can put the bottle pretty much anywhere.
Couldn't I just use a fogger setup and use the 10 oz. bottle instead of the 10lb bottle. I know it sound weird, but I don't want a huge nos bottle in my back seat. I think it would add a cool look, and give me a litttle boost when I need it(especially in second gear).
I just emailed NOS for the best setup to be used for NA and/or boosted engines (3.4l V6). I'll post the reply as soon as I get it.
Sweet! Thanks a lot!
Here is the reply from NOS for just a little extra punch (I am assuming this would go for both boosted and NA engines.);
The kit that should fit your car is part number 05208 ($670.list) and will add 50-60HP safely. This is normally enough power to drop the 1/4-mile times by 1-1.5+sec. It uses a single fogger ahead of the throttle body (but, after the intercooler) to inject fuel and nitrous.

Thanks, NOS Tech Dept.
I when to ZEX nitrous. With a 65hp shot on a 2.4L banger. 1/4mi.time dropped from 17.5sec. to 15.29sec.

I added the turbo from E.L.Prototypes(w/o NOS).and the engine failed. Now I'm starting over
How did your motor fail with the turbo kit on it? Did the 65 shot wear the motor before the turbo? Justt wondering because i am about a week away from putting my turbo kit on.
It's always to build up the bottom end of an engine when you add a turbo. Having the supercharger on mine, I'm only running at 7 psi, has been ok so far. Of course with turbos you can get a little crazy with the boost pressure. Everything in moderation.
My engine only had 67,000 miles. is it possible that the 65shot made a weak spot? ......Yes. The engine was taken apart and the #2 cylinder was blown and had scars from scorching.
I ran 15.29sec. 1/4 with just a 65shot. any idea of what I may run when the 2.7L is installed with a T3 turbo,and performance cams from E.L. Prototypes?
ive got the EL turbo kit on my taco and haven't had a problem since but my truck only has like 14000 miles on it. would that make a difference? also how would i change the air fuel ratio if it is ecu controlled would that be where the apex super afc comes in? I really don't feel like rebuilding my 2.4 in the future so any ideas on keeping that turbo reliable would be appreciated. thanx.
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