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Noise in system

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I am getting a constant whining noise in my stereo. Let me be first to say that it doesn't seem to be alternator whine. I will explain why. I had it professionally installed (and by that I don't mean at Best Buy). The engine can be turned off and I still have the whine noise. Even if I have the volume at "0" there is whine and it does so whether playing a CD, listening to the radio, or listening to my Ipod. I took it back to where it was professionally installed and was told that they used a noise filter, but I still have the same noise. They said it is not from improper grounding of the amp either. Here is what I have---Sony head unit, Sony Ipod adapter, Kicker 5 channel amp, Infinity Kappa components for the front, Soundstream Reference midbass in the rear, and I am waiting on subs to arrive next week. Any ideas where the noise may be coming from?
The shop told me that it is electrical interference from the Sony head unit. :doah::shrug:
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Where does it seem to be coming from? All speakers or just one / some? If not all the speakers - which ones?

Are there any conditions (ignition position, etc.) where it *doesn't* happen?
Divide and conquer! I would unplug the RCA cords from the amplifier and see if the whine goes away. If it doesn't, then you know the Sony head unit isn't the problem. If the wine does go away, then the noise is either being generated by the Sony or being picked up somewhere before the amp.

Did they install the radio and amps? If they did, I would expect them to diagnose and fix the problem. You might want to also double check the ground on the Sony head unit. If its ground is bad or open, it would still work since it would be grounded through the RCA cable to the amplifier ground, but deck current flowing on the RCA cables would likely generate noise.

The engine does not have to be on. If I turn the ignition key enough to where the radio cuts on, the noise appears. As far as I know, it is coming through all speakers. I hear them mainly in the front since I have tweeters in the front and only midbass in the rear. I had the Sony CD player pushing the factory spkrs, but when I added the component speakers, I also added the Kicker 5 Channel amp to run everything. This weekend, I am getting some 10" subs put in and will get the shop to see if they can find the problem. I am taking it to a different shop to trouble shoot. It just sucks because they charge a crap load of money just to look at it. I have always installed things myself. I am not longer in the XRunner (which I did all the installation and had no problems with). I am now in an 07 Tundra DC. I just don't have the time like I used to, working FT and going to school FT now. :(
I miss the XRunner, but like the Tundra a lot. Just have to take it in for the recall.
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