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No Bracket 5 lug Budget Big Brake Kit

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For years people have made big brake kits for the 5 lug first gen tacomas but no one has ever offered much info or has used all custom parts that cost an arm and a leg. My goal with this was to find stuff that can easily be obtained at a decent price and share all the information i gathered openly. By pure chance i found these calipers that line up perfectly with the stock spindles. I have yet to finish the kit completely but ive mounted enough to share my findings so far. I still need to gather more information but this is about 95% complete. Hope this can help some people out. Also this will require a minimum 17" wheel. It will also depend on width and offset as well. My 17x9 +35 enkei rpf1s cleared with no issues.

Here are all the parts i used. I have yet to confirm that the brake lines will work for this application. So if buying these parts please wait until i confirm that they work properly.

Also please note that the amazon links below are linked to my partner account so i will net a small commision if purchased from that link. It doesnt cost you anything and i have listed all part numbers if you choose to search elsewhere for lower prices. But this is the lowest price i was able to find myself.

Disclaimer: the price of the calipers fluctuates regularly. The prices i have listed below are what i paid at the time i purchased them. You may have to wait for the price to drop to get the best deal.

As stated in the title the calipers mount directly to the stock mounting location on the stock 95-04 tacoma spindle. BUT the holes will need tobe drilled out to accept the larger bolt that the caliper uses and slightly shimmed out to align it with the rotor. I will list the drill bit size and shim size later when i have access to it again.

For the rotors (Evo 9 Front 12.6") those will need to be machined to fit the tacoma hub assembly. The center bore needs to be bored out and the mounting holes drilled and tapped to accept the stock hardware used to mount the hubs. I have attached a picture showing the modifications made.

According to the specs i found online the steel braided brake lines listed SHOULD work with the tacoma hard lines but like i said i have yet to confirm that so please wait on that. If anything the lines will be a little longer than needed but some creative routing solves that issue. Thanks to jose matos for confirming that.

Summary of parts

Cadillac ATS Brembo Calipers
Cadillac CTS-V Brake Pads
Mitsubishi Evolution 9 Front Rotors
Subaru WRX STI Front Brake lines

Brake Parts

Driver Side Brembo Caliper

PART #: 172-2586

COST: $104.14

Passenger Side Brembo Caliper

PART# 172-2587

COST: $113.71

Caliper Hardware Kit

PART #: 18K1971X

COST: $18.58

StopTech Steel Braided Brake Lines

PART#: 950.47006 $52.02

StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads

PART #: 309.10010

COST: $54.18

StopTech Blank Rotors (Evo 9 Front 12.6")

PART #: st121.46064

COST: $103.79

Total: $446.42

Cost of rotor machining depends on what your machinist charges you.


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I know these forums are almost dead. but i'm glad the info is here.

I bought pretty much everything on this list except I bought drilled and slotted rotors. trying to decide if I want to powder coat the calipers or paint them. I'm thinking candy blue with silver logo, I'm also still deciding if I will put the cadillac logo back on or a big brembo logo.
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love these write-ups . I am in the process of restoring front end including calipers. Kinda just want to keep it all stock, but this is tempting. Ill revive this old thread back to life. Maybe someone else can get ideas.
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