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newengland's build

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Alright, I got this baby, may as well mod her.

Name: Lucille (in honor of B.B. King. Random, I know. And yes, I'm white.)

Type: 2007 Regular Cab 2TR-FE Manual

Mod List

Doug Thorley header
Gibson cat-back exhaust
Hellwig anti-sway bar
URD MAF calibrator (tuned pretty damn close)

Blue interior LEDs (see attached image)

Roll-up tonneau cover
Wind Shields for windows
Bug Shield
Toyota rubber mats

Planned (wish list)
Supercharger (Alpine Developments or URD)
PLX Wideband A/F meter (ordered)

I promised myself that would not make any appearance modifications until I spent my money on performance parts. (Debadging doesn't count, it was free!) However, I like shiny things, and I like the color blue. So I ordered 3 LEDs, attached them under the dash and bench seat, then wired them behind the plastic in the truck up to the dome light. They turn on whenever the dome light does (open door), fade out like the dome light does, and are powered by the dome light. No splicing/tapping needed!


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For some reason I can't edit my own post:shrug:. So I'll keep going here.

New goodies: Cheap traction bar mod, PLX wideband A/F gauge.


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