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newbie from indiana

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hey guys and gals my name's Andy, i live in Newburgh, IN which is right outside Evansville(EVIL) im sure somebody else has to be from here, cuz i see so many tacos in Evansville. This isnt my first time on forums i also belong to svtperformance, cumminsforum,powerstrokeorg,and powerstrokenation, because of my previous beloved truck thats gone now. Ummm also my birthday is in April and I turn 18 this year so I'm happy about that and any weak points on my taco that should be of concern I would like to know about.
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Welcome. I think your the only representative of Indiana, here on CT.:shrug:
What exact weak points are you referring to?
just anything that i should look for on my truck, one thing is everytime it rains my carpet gets soaked whenever i drive
(1) Welcome to CT, Andy! :waytogo:

(2) The best thing to do is to browse around the forums and find threads about whatever topics interest you. For example - there have been multiple threads about water leaks over the years in Interior. Post about your leak issue there and we'll see if we can help track down the cause ...
Welcome! I've found much info about things I wanted to know about and some things I didn't know I wanted to know about.:silly:
Welcome to CT, Andy!
thanks i just moved from new orleans area about six months ago and i know lafayette was close by
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