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Newbie from Az

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Not new to tacos tho on my second one, both have been lifted first was a regular cab on 35's and the current is an extended cab SAS on 37's. Looking for another taco to make as my commuter and plan to drop it :)
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welcome man. going lower is the only way to go :waytogo:
I figure you cant go wrong with a tacoma no matter how you go lol
Yankee saw your truck in the pic of your lowered truck thread looks great!! since either a first gen or MAYBE a second gen is gonna be my budget yours will get plenty of looks from me for ideas haha
If you want to go the exact route I did Im surely no hater! Talk to Beefed Taco he has done all my suspension fab/work. Look up his website because he does amazing great work!:meemee:
Nice, thank you. I saw a build thread going on and peeps talking about him.
welcome to ct:waytogo:,nice to know the az ct member numbers are growing.
Welcome to CT! ... :waytogo:
Thank you for the welcomes :) haha
Ended up getting a truck....
Need 1 more post before i can post a pic....dont mind me just a little post whoring :)
ok so its not a tacoma but i ended up trading my dirt bike for this

let the work begin :headbang:
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Nice, check out for all the pre-tacoma model trucks and also a lot of good info on there as well.
I found them, some cool peeps. lots of info to be had :)
Not bad. What year is that.... 93-94? What part of Az you in? Maybe I should look into trading my bike for another rig....
its a 94. I'm in phx 43rd ave and cactus area
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