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Newb from Ohio

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Hey there from Ohio, Just wanted to step in and introduce myself, My name is Jose and I joined today after checking out this site. I find it very informative, anyways I have 96 ext cab Taco 2wd with a 2.4 and 5 spd with 88k miles that was given to me by a friend of my wife's' ,The truck had been sitting under a tree for over 3 yrs, because it as loaned out to a friend who as moving and she brought it back on a flat bed with a fried clutch! lol needless to say the woman had just bought a newer car at the time and had no use for the truck and didn't want to spend $700.00 she was quoted for a clutch so she decided to let it sit until yesterday when it was given to me:) She is filthy ,she's gonna need some work but in due time and when the weather breaks here in Ohio I will go out and mess around with it..Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join!,
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Welcome to CT, Jose! :waytogo:
Nice! Free truck... all it needs to run is a clutch. It would be nice to have a car/truck just to mess around with.
Welcome to CT, Jose!!!
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