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I've been offering these for 5+ years now on the ebay and another forum.

These are the Best SunShades out on the market. Since Most of us can't park our trucks in a garage this is a Must have item.

The two sides are Connected at a Pivot point and Collapse in to a small circle you can fit in the pocket behind your seat and you don't have to be messing with two separate pieces. The Satin Silver surface and Black opaque backside virtually block 100% of the Sun.
This is a MUST Have for anyone that lives in a Hot State.


Payment and Pricing is:
paypal: [email protected]

$35 Shipping included in the US (2-4 DAY USPS FAST SHIPPING)
***Add on item: Optional Storage Pouch $2.95 (see pictures below)

In the Notes.
Let me know if you want Blank NO IMPRINT or Logo'd (Toyota Trucks)


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I know this thread is over a year old, but are you still selling them? I could definitely use one for my Tacoma - living in a hot state can be brutal without proper sun protection. I usually buy my shades from https://snapshades.cоm/ because of their good quality and ease of usage.
However, I might want to try something new, especially now, that I have two cars. I love that your shades collapse into a small circle for easy storage - that's a game-changer! And the fact that they block 100% of the sun is amazing.
I'm interested in purchasing one with the Toyota Trucks logo. Can you still do the $35 with shipping included in the US?
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