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Okay I was not driving... the driver has never driven a newer taco.. he didnt know where the rev limiter was, but o well... nice little vid.

Click here to see Video

Okay, so here is the deal.
I was going to save it for Slamfest, but what the hell
Composimo (John) here looked at my truck a few weeks ago when we were gutting my cats...
He said he could lower it..
we pondered it
he had an idea
we went with it
I ended up with a 1.75" drop up front
and 2" steel blocks in the back.

Now please keep in mind that this kit is 100% PROTOTYPE and is not the finished product... this kit is strictly for testing to make sure everything is safe and good.

Alignment was adjusted by hand in his shop due to a slight toe. No pulling at all.
The actual ride feels 100% identical as far as I can tell... and umm....
Whatever body roll the Xrunner had... yeah its gone.

Originally the front was a 2" drop, but we had clearance issues with our factory 18" wheels.

Before anyone asks, the spacers ARE NOT aluminum. It is all steel. The replacement bolts are stronger then the factory bolts as well.

So John walked over to his handy CNC machine, and cut it down to 1.75" up front.
Bolted it all up and we realized the bolts that are used were now too long.
For now we threw washers on it. The production kit will not have these washers, the bolt will be the right size.
The spacers will also have a bar welded in so it is one piece instead of two... this was just for test fitment.

here ya go :

My truck will be at Slamfest this weekend for anyone to see.
The kit is available for preordering right now. There will be a special "Slamfest" price of $150.00 for the front (Rear is your responsibility)
After Slamfest the price goes up to $165.00.
This kit is the way to go for anyone that doesnt want to spend a ton of money.

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XRobber said:
I thought I posted them LOL

Basically we are dropping the lower ball joint lower, so it hit the wheel.
We cut the drop back down to 1.75 and it is perfect!
stacked with a 3" djm arms, and my custom 2 inch lower perches, and your ball joints.....thats 7" hasha
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