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new guy from FL

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just wanted to say hey to the forum. i am trying to figure out which taco to get, i am looking at a 2003 S-Runner or a 2007 X-Runner. also i am gonna do a 2JZ GTE VVTI Supra engine swap witha Getrag 6 speed. its is gonna be a fully built 3.2 with 76mm dual bb turbo.
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S-Runner for the power to weight ratio ;)

Welcome to the family!
thanx alot. i can get an S-Runner for a good deal, and i am friends with Titan Motorsports engine builder,he can do a sick 2JZ motor for me. he is currently building my 03 Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins engine, it will be around 750 rear wheel hp, then i am gonna sell it and start up the build on the taco.
yeah thanx. i saw that site a while back, that guy has some sick fabrication skills. i really like his S-Runner. i want to build one that is similar to that, but i want to make around 850hp to the rear wheels, and i am gonna put a 6 speed in it. i know it will take alot of work to make the suspension handle the power levels i am looking for.
hey where about are u in florida??
welcome, where in FL are you?
i live on the east coast, 35 minutes north of West Palm Beach
cool...i know we have at least a few peeps over in that area, around Jupiter?
Welcome to CT!!!!
cool...i know we have at least a few peeps over in that area, around Jupiter?
yeah i am in Jupiter every weekend, my buddy lives there and we usually go out in West Palm on friday and saturday nights.
thanks for the welcoming, hopefully my diesel will be done shortly so i can get into a taco
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