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hey everyone, i found this site by researching through

i just bought my first toyota, its a 1995 toyota tacoma, its 4x4, 5 spd, and has slightly bigger tires with a little beef look to them. the first day i got it as i was taking off from the dealer i realized how tight these clutches are so "chirp" the tires did. this got me very happy because this being a 2.7l 4 cylinder. well thats big for a 4 cylinder. when i got home i had to do a burn out.... yep right in the middle of my driveway heheh. i measured out to be 34 ft long. and it wasnt full throttle. marked the teritory.:D

anyways my plans for the future are endless but what i want is more travel. lots of it but keep it street legal.

of course im new to toyota's so ill be asking tons of questions.


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Welcome to CT, Rodney! .... :waytogo:
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