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New carbon fiber hood

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just wanted to say hello, iam the new guy here . Anyway i have found the the holy grail of upgrades for looks and performance . has carbon fiber hood ...yes carbon fiber hoods that fit great and are light (13lb) for 95-2001 tacos...check them out , i have one and the install was easy . I will have pictures soon , look forward to talk performance soon .
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I got one of those three months ago. It was the first one they made. Do you live around Oceanside?
No i just ordered one from DG .
You will like it alot. My friends got a hood from a racer shop for this civic, and the quality compared to DGM's product sucks. The actual fider weave is totally straight on mine and his is wavy is a bunch of spots. I live really close to them and waited a year for the mold of the tacoma to be finished. Now my project now is the turbo kit in the garage. Glad to talk to some one who really knows the right way to style a truck, and not some of the others that i have heard talking lately.
You will have to let me know on the turbo ....i was unsure at first of the quality but i am super happy ...another upgrade i just purchased is the new shortshifter from Freaking awsome ... a must have , really does take about 40% of the throw out and keeps the shifter steady , if you have a manual shift....hey where would i go to get bucketsseats i live in az so i know you would not know a place but any general ideas would be great
I got a pair of old honda del sol seats. To get them in i drilled two new holes for the back brackets. For the front I drilled the seats bracket so that I could use the stock bench seat bolt hole. That it on the outside of seat for the inside I cut out part of the cross memeber that is used to bolt up factory 4X4 buckets. The inside bracket of the del sol seats just rests inside that cut away portion. I wanted these seats beacuse they have good support and don't look like racing seats. Also they seats way low in the truck. These are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking to do this mod. The turbo will be done in about a week or two. I just need to get the manifold and downpipe back from getting thermal coated. Also I have to fab up a heat sheild to protect that carbon hood. But the turbo timer and boost gauge are already in. If you got any more queations fire them my way.
For the heat shield on the hood i bought a supra radiator cover (carbon Fiber then wraped it in thermal paper, just use a adisive to bond the carbon to the hood ....) this seems to work well . Some what rigged , however it works as a good heat shield ...just a suggestion . thanks for the suggestion on the seats i will have to look into that ....have you used or know anyone that has used the apex s-afc comp controller ?
My friend did on this trubo perlude. What do you need to know about it.
I know people have used the afc with there tacos i was wondering if you have to down load anything ?
how is it going to fit 95-00 and 01+ tacomas when the hoods are different???
They ask for they year and style when you call them .....DG,s web site will ask you to call instead of ordering online , this is for thyat very reason .
Just for comparison, any idea what the steel '01 hood weighs?
I don't remember if I read it or not, did you just bolt on the supercharger or did you also do all the fuel mods? If no fuel mods, how does it run?
Basically all the S-AFC does is mess with your air flow to get lean or rich fuel mixture at certain rpms to get more hp from your engine. Since they cost around $400 and you'll probably only get like 5 hp out of it I don't think it would be worth it for your truck. But if you do get one make sure you take it to a professional tunning shop that has a dyno jet to set up the S-AFC; don't do it yourself. gives some more info about it.
I haven't yet done any fuel system mods; unless you want to count the 100 octane "Trick" brand gas mixed with pump super, or lately, the adding of aromatics to boost octane. My Taco has the blower, TRD headers, modded airbox & Amsoil filter, & the boost gauge. Mine has been pinging a little running straight pump super "California winter gas", so I've been mixing in the 100 & some toluene.
I am sure I have asked you this before on the board but what spark plugs are you running on your truck? Are they a colder set? Do you know the exact spark plug number?
To answer your question Hairy Taco .... I believe the hood for the 01 is going to be the same weight, however you should call DG to be sure 760.433.7413
Does anyone have an opinion about apc's roll pan (fiberglass) I want to get one , however before i do i would like to know what you guys think ....or if there is a better brand
I'll call 'em... I can't believe they'd make a carbon fiber hood that weighs the same as the stock steel one...
I am sorry i meant the hood ways the same as the dg hood for the 96-98 hoods not the stock hoods
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