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Neutral Safety Switch Diagram...

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Hi everyone, I'm wiring up some reverse lights and I need to know which wire coming out of the neutral safety switch is the reverse lights so I can use it as a switch to turn the new lights on. I searched but couldn't find a diagram or anyone explaining which color wire it is. Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance!
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I'm not 100% certain of the precise color scheme, but I'm sure it's not the yellow wire.

As of 2007 it was a red wire with a white stripe (coming off the park / neutral position switch).

As of 2009 it was a solid red wire.

I don't have a 2008 diagram illustrating this particular circuit, so I'm not sure whether yours matches the 2007 or the 2009 color scheme.
If I am looking at the right connector, the red wire has power regardless of shifter position so that's not it. This is the connector I believe to be coming out of the this correct?

Or is it this one? I think this one is going into the shifter


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WTF am I looking at in the photos? :shrug: :evil:

My guess is that they are overhead shots looking down into a disassembled center console ... Right?

If so - the answer is 'Neither', because you're looking in the wrong place.

The park / neutral position switch is located under the floor 'hump' on or beside the transmission itself - toward the auto transmission's front end (bell housing). The red (or red / white) wire coming off it leads to connector IH1, which is located up under the dash, to the right (passenger side) of the glove box.
To give an illustrative example of the park / neutral position switch's location ... Here (attached) is the parts location diagram for the A750F automatic tranny.


Haha my bad, I could have sworn I captioned them! Sorry about that but yes it is looking down at the disassembled center console.

I'll go look and report back which color it is, I should be able to find it now. Thanks a million Enola!
Wait, wait ....

I got so caught up in locating the park / neutral position switch I lost sight of the main issue - tapping into the hot line on the backup light circuit.

Here (attached) is the 2009 version of the diagram. It's identical to the 2007 version, except for the exact red color scheme on the wire in question.

After the line runs from the switch up to connector IH1 (under the dash, to the right of the glovebox) it runs over to pin #1 on connector ID2 - which is conveniently located in the left kick panel (somewhere).

I'm including the 2009 version of the wiring diagram because it includes an illustration of the connector(s).


The wire is red with a white stripe and the black IH1 connector is very easy to find if you take the glove box off. I didn't spend too much time looking for the ID2 connector because there were several gray connectors and no easy way to distinguish them. Thanks for all the help Edola!
Glad it turned out to be easy to access .... :waytogo:

Now be sure to post photos of these new lights when you've got everything installed ... :thinking:
Here are some pics of the install of my PIAA backup lights...

This is where I mounted them. They are aimed slightly outwards and light up a great deal behind me. They are also very useful for getting people behind you to turn of their brights, stop tailgating you and to mess with your friends! :evil:

I believe I used the existing holes in my bumper (I did most of this install almost a year ago so I can't remember)...there was drilling involved somewhere in this step but it might have been on the mounting bracket. Sorry I can't remember! :selfbonk:


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I just routed the wires alongside the existing harnesses up into the cabin here but you have to cut the grommet...

and into the engine compartment here...

And I mounted the three-way switch here...

To allow the lights to come on with the stock reverse lights (ON1 switch position) I ran a wire over to the only black connector behind the glovebox. Splice it into the red wire with the white stripe.

And that's it! Everything came in the kit and was very simple and straightforward...once you know where the IH1 connector is lol.


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