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Hey guys I have ben getting a lot of requests for traction bar on the 4x4 and Pre-runner platforms, I am currently making a jig for the X-runners..

I would need a vehicle for up to 4 days and would be willing to give a good discount on the 1st set made so I can build a jig for repeatable fabrication..

It seems there isnt much on the market and I believe I can make something that will stand up to the abuse and we all know how bad the axle wrap is in these vehicles...

PM me if your interested and we can go from there, I know there is somebody that needs a set that is close to me, I live in Vista, Ca.

It would be made from very high quality steel or even aluminum although it would be reflected in cost, I think some thivk walled (.120") would more that siffice for this task, plus the use of the Chromo/teflon Heims for the joint, and most likely a Polyurethane bushing for the front, I am looking to see if I can build a set that is bolt on so that anyone with simple hand tools can install this in an afternoon..

I already make them for the 1st gen 2wd and now the X-runners, but for the 4x4/pre-runner I know there is a HUGE demand for the off road guys since it would help GREATLY to resist axle wrap especially since the 4x4 uses very light leaf springs.

The traction bar or Ladder bar choose you name, will allow the use of the softer springs but still control the axle to keep it in the proper arc of travel..

Thanks for looking and hope to be working with someone in the future so I can help you guys out!
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