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need help with fender flares

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I have a set of bushwhacker cut-out flares that i put on and they stick out farther then the bumper which looks kind of awkward if you look at it from the front. Any ideas on what i could do to make it look better?
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Cut and widen the bumper or replace it with an aftermarket bumper.

I had the same problem with my mk3 hilux when I put my flares on to cover the 35" claws I was running.
could i just bend the ends of the bumper out?
Not sure, do the inside corners of the bumper fasten to the fenders supports as they did on my hilux? If so then if you bend them outward, which could be difficult to do smoothly due to the formed shape, then they could end up unsupported unless you fab a extension bracket.
yeah they do support to the fenders but the bolts are snapped of inside anyway.
The second one is the problem


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I love those flares. You need some bigger tires ASAP! I have a set of 33/10.50r15 BFG mud terrains that have some life left in em mounted on cragar soft 8's, I'll take $250 for em.
I don't think it looks bad or disturbing at all ... :thinking:
I think eventually I will get some bigger tires but as for now I'm kind of hurting for cash :brickknoc
What i think i might do is shave the bottom front of the flares so they dont stick out as far and curve to the contour of the fenders a little better.
Put a Tundra bumper on it..
hell if you decide you dont like the flares ill take them off your hands :lol:. each one of my tires sticks out 3 inches from the fender...

but i dont think they look bad at all. some wider tires and rims and it will look perfectly fine
If you have access to a welder then just add some pieces onto the end of your bumper. You might need to paint the edges of your bumper black to fix the chrome you would have to grind off. Just a suggestion.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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