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need help! May have to replace engine!

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Sorry guys if i posted in wrong forum.

1995 pick up 4x4 3.0L 153000 miles

The other day my truck started idle wrong. truck was shaking a little bit. after about 5 mins engine light come on. Notice that truck may be smoking more out of tail pipe. hard to tell where it so cold (20 degrees). Truck was already warm up so can't imagine why it would smoke more. I notice in the exaust that it seem like it has a put put sound almost like a mess.

I check all wires and plugs and every thing seem to be hook up.

I towed truck to shop. My buddy is going to tell me whats wrong with it when he gets time to look at it. I started telling people at work about it and they seem to think that is a blown head gasket.

Worst case scenerio if i have to replace engine can i put the 22 re in it?
Can i use the same transmission?
What all do i have to change to go to the 22 re?
I ask this before and i had some body reply you have to chane bell housing and engine mounts. Is this it?
Is this a big job? I will be having some on do it for me?

thanks guys

If i do have to need any parts let me know if any body has any for sale?
I check out car part. com the same place i bought my celica moter a couple years ago and they seem to have alot of parts.
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Wait to hear the low-down first before you decided on changing motors....sometimes the simple fix of replacing head gaskets will be all that is needed.
Its probably just the head gaskets. Before you pay anyone to change them check with a Toyota dealer, they have a head gasket re-call on the 3VZ's. I dont know if your truck will fall with in the re-call but check first.
The 3VZ was notorious for eating head gaskets, so that's the most likely explanation.

I'd suggest you get to the bottom of this breakdown before assuming it's time for an engine swap.

You need to specify which transmission you have before any questions about trannies can be answered.

Yes - you'd have to swap motor mounts to go from a 3VZ to a 22RE.
Is the head gasket a pretty big job?
I was told you blow a head gasket you pretty much after replace motor?
Don't really know
The recall do all just call toyota with a vin?

Not sure what trasmission it is. Auto 4x4 w over drive and a ect button.
thanks guys for the quick replys
wasn't there a head gasket recall on the 3.0 engine?



better off with a cammed 22r:D
... Not sure what trasmission it is. Auto 4x4 w over drive and a ect button. ...
My *guess* is that it's an A340F - the same transmission series used on the later 3RZ 6-lug Tacomas.

I doubt the 3VZ bellhousing will fit up with a 22R engine 'as is'.
i had the old lady call toyota about recall and the denied of any recall on head gasket for the 3.0l so i will print off documents posted.

still have not talk to buddy at shop to find out whats wrong with truck
I would go with a 3rz engine rather than a 22R if you want to swap for a 4cyl. :shrug:
worst case scenerio put head gaskets in, lot easier than motor swap.

thats if its even the head gasket, just rough idle and a lil smoke, if any smoke as you described it, could be anything.

check codes, compression, oil...and then make your mind up.
pm me your vin, i can check if it is eligible for the head gasket recall
I would go with a 3rz engine rather than a 22R if you want to swap for a 4cyl. :shrug:

x2,dont get me wrong but the 22r/22re's are amazing motors but you would kinda be moving backwards going down that route.:waytogo:
Even trucks without an included vin in the head gasket campaign, may still be eligible, you will have to talk to the service manager, he may help you.

Sometimes they dont because the warranty work does not gather as much money, if you complain enough it just might get done, I have seen it happen when working as a tech for toyota, and I was the tech doing the 3.0 campaign for 2 years, and thats all I did for those 2 years....nothing but 3.0 all day :eyecrazy::runaway:
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