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my $40 skid plate build

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i got bored over the weekend and decided to make a new skid for the front of my truck since the stock one wouldnt clear with the lift. cost a total of $40 for some
i used:
-stock skid plate
-sheet of aluminum (i used old street sign :waytogo:)
-1/8" mild steel flat stock
-thin rod (for mocking purposes)
-cut off wheel

first i measured how big i wanted it and cut it outta the aluminum plate

for looks purposes i cleaned up all the edges and took a flap disk to give it some texture

then i took the stock skid plate and braced the stock mounts together with the thin rod

i then cut out the metal on the plate i wasnt using leaving just the mounts

then i took the flat stock and welded it onto the mounts and cut out the rods

then i took the aluminum plate. screwed it onto the frame. and drilled holes big enough to send the bolts through to mount it

then mounted it on the truck using the stock holes in the frame. keep in mind right now its more function over form to keep the water off my belts. im going to redo it soon (trucks a lil dirty in first picture :D)

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nice :waytogo: pretty creative thinkin using the old mounts like that
Nice job, been wanting to do this too..:waytogo:
Hell yeah man that looks sweet! :waytogo:
thanks guys for your input. im gonna make a new plate later in the week. a lil bigger with some bent edges. just need to find a new street sign :lol:
looks good for 40 bucks but i love to see a lifted truck w/ a skid plate :waytogo:
That turned out awesome for $40bucks!
UPDATE: wound up making a new plate with some bent edges. looks alot better then the old little square one. you know i had to rock the CT sticker on it too :waytogo:

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