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A while back I made a post about my Tacoma’s MPG issue. It was rated at 17 mpg city but I was barely getting 15 mpg.

I knew it was low, so I installed an Ultragage OBD 2 reader to give me detailed information.
So one day while I was cleaning my truck, o was thinking about what maintenance is coming up other than the standard oil change. Then it just dawned on me, I thought, well, I change the oil filter regularly, let me just check the air filter.

I popped open the air box and pulled out what seemed to be the factory air filter from Toyota back in 2001 🤯.

I took a quick drive to Orielys and bought a new one. My Taco is loving the new air filter. And now, I’m getting closer to the 17mpg I read about online.
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